Trail Blazing

Many sections of the Voyageur Trail use the Bruce Trail blazing system where White blazes indicate the main trail, blue blazes indicate a lookout trail, or access trail and yellow blazes indicate a loop trail. At points where the trail turns there will be two blazes, one above and offset from the other. The top blaze indicates the direction of change.

In many areas the trail uses different methods to mark the trail due to terrain such as on rocky outcrops (small rock cairns are built to mark the route) or in areas that have unique trail marking systems. Before venturing on a trail section for the first time it’s good practice to review the ‘Trail Marking Scheme’ information provided with the trail map for that section.

Samples of various blazes you may see at an access points.

Trial Signs- Voyageur Trails Northern Ontario

White blue and yellow blazes:

Trail Markers Voyageur Trails in Algoma

The Casque Isles Section and Nor’Wester use the following trail markers: