Benefits of Forming a Local Club

It takes only two members in good standing to form a Voyageur Trail Club. There are still many towns and cities along the route of the Voyageur Trail where clubs are needed. For more info, contact us.

The Voyageur Trail Association offers many benefits to member clubs…(paid for by your VTA membership dues)

  •  two reps per club on the VTA Coordinating Council (paid mileage to and from meetings)
  • insurance through Hike Ontario
  • a group membership/voice in other organizations in Ontario and Canada (i.e. Hike Ontario, National Trail, Ontario Trails Council, Trans Canada Trail)
  • newsletters 3 times per year to our paid members, landowners and some selected media outlets and government officials (as a courtesy) where your club can publish information, announcements and photos
  • colour VTA brochures and membership forms
  • VTA membership cards
  • membership database and reports for your club three times a year or when requested
  • if your club has a “specialized” message that you wish mailed to your new members, our membership secretary will include your information with the mailings of VTA membership cards
  • VTA letterhead
  • VTA envelopes
  • help with displays for participation in trade shows, etc.
  • VTA publicity posters which can be personalized to your own club
  • personalized “Assumption of Risk Agreement” masters which you can photocopy
  • trail tools
  • aluminum nails
  • blaze cutter
  • some specialized blazes (i.e. National Trail, Trans Canada Trail, green hiker)
  • free advertising of your trail as part of the entire system in various tourism publications
  • a free web page for your club (all you do is send in whatever information you would like posted)
  • VTA publications such as our guidebook, Trail Building/Maintenance Guide, informational brochures like “Tips for Outing Leaders” and “Trail Cleaning Guidelines”
  • volunteer expertise in proposal writing, GPS/GIS technology, trail planning/building, desktop publishing, web page publishing, publicity initiatives, etc.
  • inclusion in any extra funding or special allowances that the VTA manages to tap in to
  • a “working” executive which looks after all the behind-the-scenes paperwork that is necessary to effectively operate an organization which is spread out over a large geographic area.

So why not form a Voyageur Trail Club today? Here are some reasons why you should…

  • Meet neighbours in your own area with similar interests in the out-of-doors.
  • Other social gatherings can be planned, such as potluck dinners and slide show evenings.
  • Outings are a great healthy, family activity and an opportunity to spot wildlife or teach your children about nature.
  • A great opportunity to learn about birds, animals and botany from other members.
  • Ability to arrange hike, ski or snowshoe outings in your local area on your own piece of Voyageur Trail.
  • You can choose the types of outings that you would like to do at the time that is most convenient for you.
  • A portion of Voyageur Trail Association Membership Fees are returned to your club to use as you see fit.
  • Tools to build and maintain your section of Voyageur Trail are provided.
  • Assistance to lay out and build trail is provided.
  • Free advertising of your outings in the Voyageur Trail Newsletter.
  • Articles about your club’s “happenings” and “adventures” can be published in the Voyageur Trail Newsletter.
  • Free advertising of your trail as part of the entire Voyageur Trail system in tourism brochures and publications and on this web site!