Casque Isles- Rossport to Terrace Bay

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The name “Casque Isles” comes from John Bigsby’s 1823 appraisal of Superior’s north shore from the top of Pic Island, “As I turned towards the land, tall casque-shaped [helmet-shaped] islands were seen here and there, full of sinuosities and overlooked by pleasingly grouped hills of conical or waved outline from 600 to 800 feet high. I was well repaid for the trouble of the ascent.”

On this 53 kilometre rugged, but spectacular section of Voyageur Trail, you will follow Lake Superior’s shoreline, passing by old gold mines, fossil deposits, trappers’ cabins, and caves adorned with pictographs painted by ancient First Nations peoples.

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A trail map app in Ondago is available for those having a Smartphone or Tablet. Members can obtain it by visiting the online store.

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Town of Nipigon
North of Superior Tourism Association (NOSTA)
Township of Red Rock
City of Thunder Bay
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At the A8 Access at Hydro Bay West, please park at the Hydro transmission line, not blocking the road. South of the transmission line is private property, and the roads are gated. Please respect the landowners wishes, no vehicular access is allowed on their private roads. Park at the wye at the transmission line and hike for 1.25 km to the Casque Isles Trail.

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