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The Saulteaux Club maintains a blog on a separate website. Open the Saulteaux blog (in a new tab).

Here’s a little Saulteaux (pronounced Sue-toe) Club history…

  • first section built: Maki Road to Goulais Avenue on November 23, 1974
  • whole section officially opened on September 21, 1975 at a ceremony at Gros Cap before a crowd of approximately 150 people
  • first New Year’s outing was held in 1975
  • helped to establish the Sault Trails Action Committee (STAC) to plan and build the SSM HUB Trail.

The Saulteaux Voyageur Trail Club schedules many public outings a year including hikes, trail maintenance, snowshoes, and occasionally bushwhack skiing. You do NOT have to be fit to participate! We schedule several outings a year for small children and/or beginners. If in doubt, call the leader. He/She will be most willing to let you know how long you can expect to be out and what kind of terrain you may be covering. Then decide if that particular outing is for you. Come out and try us out! You are more than welcome!

The Saulteaux Section does outings in all seasons…enjoy the trail on foot…on snowshoes and skiis! We also explore area waterways (the original “voyageur trails”) in kayak and canoe.

Saulteaux Club Outings (outside of Sault Ste. Marie area are marked with an *)
For all outings, bring water, fly repellent, a lunch, and dress appropriately. Be prepared to sign an Assumption of Risk Agreement. Unless otherwise indicated, these outings are all a Level 2, slow (according to Hike Ontario recommended ratings.) Meeting location addresses: Goodlife building, 589 Second Line East (in parking lot on Second Line side); Market Mall 275 Second Line West (in parking lot near Korah Road corner); Wellington Square Mall parking lot (nearest the corner of Trunk Road and South Market Street).

Check out this 2012 video from Shaw TV about the Saulteaux Club:

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A trail map app in Ondago is available for those having a Smartphone or Tablet. Members can obtain it by visiting the online store.

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Current Saulteaux Voyageur Trail Club Executive:
Mark Crofts, President
Vacant Vice-President
Susan Graham, Secretary-Treasurer

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Assumption of Risk (Hiking) (Paddling)

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Trail closure: The 1.9 km of trail from Old Mill Bay (most northerly point of the Harmony Section) south to where the main trail meets the blue side trail to Eagle’s Ridge Lookout is closed until further notice. Access to the Eagle’s Ridge Lookout is still possible from two access points (near Harmony River and near Harmony Beach Rd.).


Goulais trail – Hwy 552 and Jewelweed Loop closure

Logging on private land thru which the VT runs will be extending to August. Trucks will be hauling out to Hwy 552. The VT is closed in that area till further notice.

One of the main issues is parking. There is not a lot of room at the junction of the logging road and Hwy 552 (Goulais A1 0.0). We cannot block the loggers egress.

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