Membership – 1 Year Subscription

  • The price for a one-year membership is $35
  • The membership runs from April 1 to March 31,
  • Today’s payment will be reduced based on your date of joining to charge only to March 31
  • Your membership will auto-renew on April 1 each year.
  • Each membership must be on a separate account.  The system does not allow multiple memberships per login.
  • Due to minimum payments the prorated membership fee is set at $2.00 from March 25 and March 31 of each year.
  • Members get free access to map products covering 500 km of trail – Ondago app, Ondago Web interactive map, printable PDF versions of selected maps, and GPX files with GPS trail tracks. Members also receive purchase discounts at participating retailers.
  • Your fees support trail development and maintenance, trail maps, and required insurance. As a 100% volunteer-run association, all of your fees and donations go directly towards supporting the Voyageur Trail network.

To gift a membership, please click here.