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The 16.8 km Goulais Section runs for from Hwy. 552 E, heading south and west to cross Hwy. 17 and ending on Old Goulais Bay Rd. where it meets the Saulteaux Section. This Trail follows a number of old roads and includes a 4 km loop trail near the north end. The Section is presently not connected to the Stokely trail on Robertson Lake Rd., but efforts are underway to complete this link.

Echo Ridges

Presently, the Sault Ste. Marie Voyageur Trail members keep this 59.2 kilometre section hikeable.


Presently, this 21.9 kilometre section of Voyageur Trail has two members actively keeping it open. If you would like to help them out, please contact the VTA..


Casque Isles

The name “Casque Isles” comes from John Bigsby’s 1823 appraisal of Superior’s north shore from the top of Pic Island, “As I turned towards the land, tall casque-shaped [helmet-shaped] islands were seen here and there, full of sinuosities and overlooked by pleasingly grouped hills of conical or waved outline from 600 to 800 feet high. I was well repaid for the trouble of the ascent.”

On this 53 kilometre rugged, but spectacular section of Voyageur Trail, you will follow Lake Superior’s shoreline, passing by old gold mines, fossil deposits, trappers’ cabins, and caves adorned with pictographs painted by ancient First Nations peoples.


Contact: Land of Nipigon Waterways Development insures and maintains the Nipigon River Recreation Trail. 807-887-3135 ext 26. or email edo@nipigon.net

The Nipigon River Recreational Trail which runs between Nipigon and Red Rock was officially opened and affiliated with the Voyageur Trail system on September 23, 1995.
This rugged 8.2 kilometre trail allows you to view some spectacular views over Nipigon Bay. (Please use extreme caution when hiking near cliff edges. There are no barriers or signs.)

Responsibility for the upkeep of this section is the Land of the Nipigon Waterways Development Association. For more information about this area, contact the Visitor Information Centre at 807-887-3021

In August 2016 we opened the newest section of the Voyageur Trail. We haven’t updated the main trail map yet but here is a map of the Dear Lake Mountain Hiking TrailsYouTube Video