Echo Ridges

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Trail Updates:

NOTE: Much of the Echo Ridges trail from near Mabel Lake to the Driving Creek area (Maps 24 and 25, Edition 4.1 of VT Guidebook), which passes through Duncan Township, is not blazed at this time. Most of this section is on roads; blue flags mark the trail where it leaves the road.

There will be some forest operations happening in the Two Horse Lake area between access point A7 and A8 in the Echo Ridges section. This will probably start this week (end of July) and go for 8 weeks. Although the trail should only be impacted in a couple of spots I suggest we recommend that the trail be avoided until the operations are complete.
The road from the Bass Lake side is passable but rough by car for the first 5 km – then there is a washed out culvert – it is 2 more km to the north end of One Horse Lake where the voyageur trail crosses the road.
The road from the Tower Lake side is passable but rough by car – only went up 2.5 km to the Voyageur access Trail into Peter Lake.

Presently, the Sault Ste. Marie Voyageur Trail members keep this 59.2 kilometre section hikeable.

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