Stokely Creek

This 13.1 km trail runs between Tier Lake and Robertson Lake Rd., and involves considerable elevation change. The picturesque vistas overlooking the hardwood forests around King Mountain and Robertson Cliffs are worth the climb. Access to this section is available via the Tier Lake Side/Loop Trail (Havilland Bay end), Robertson Lake Rd., and side trails at and near Stokely Creek Lodge (trail permit required in winter). A loop trail near Robertson Cliffs makes for a nice outing from a parking area. Portions of the trail follow cross-country ski trails maintained by Stokely Creek Lodge, and lead the hiker past scenic lakes and numerous streams.

Shaw-TV video of Robertson Cliffs Portion of the Trail

Northern Ontario Travel article on Robertson Cliffs

Contact: 705-942-1891 or Carole 705-649-2235

Pukaskwa National Park

The 57.8 kilometre Coastal Hiking Trail in Pukaskwa National Park is the best introduction to Northern Ontario wilderness hiking that we know of.

To use the trail, you must register and let the park know when you plan to return. This is the safest method for you to ensure that someone will come looking for you if you don’t return on time.
You will acquire (or polish) your backpacking skills along this wild but beautiful trail as it follows the rugged shoreline of Lake Superior.

Contact: 807-229-0801 or Glen at 229-2576

*The Voyageur Trail Association has no jurisdiction over maintenance of this trail.


The Michipicoten Club was established in 1976 under the leadership of Tom Baxter.
It runs from Highway 17 North to follow the Magpie River valley, south along the coast to Bridget Lake. An old, little-used section runs from Bridget Lake south to Noisy Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

There is a small but dedicated group trying to re-establish the Wawa Club. If you are interested, please call our Michipicoten Voyageur Trail Club Contact: Andy Stevens 856-2884.


The 2.1 kilometre north section of trail follows the rocky coastline of Lake Superior in the town of Marathon, north to Sturdee Cove, was added to the Voyageur Trail system in 1995. The southern trail leaves the Penn Lake area and takes you across the height of land south to the Pic River, some 29.5 kilometres of rugged but beautiful country.

This Club was recently, reestablished. If you are interested in learning about how you can help, please contact Carole Blaquiere for details.

Lake Superior Provincial Park Section

This 62.9 kilometre coastal hiking trail follows the rocky shoreline of Lake Superior and affords many spectacular views over the Lake.

Rock hopping is the order of the day when hiking this trail! Big rocks, little rocks, and medium rocks with a few beautiful white sand beaches thrown in at the mouths of the rivers!

When they warn you not to hike if the rocks are wet, they MEAN IT–listen carefully!

Coastal Trail’s easiest sections:
Gargantua Harbour to Warp Bay-mostly gentle ups and downs to a lovely sand beach.
Sand River to Katherine Cove-mostly sand beach with only one short headland to cross.

Coastal Trail’s hardest section:
Agawa Pictographs or Sinclair Cove to Agawa River! About 15 minutes south of the pictographs you have to squeeze between or under slabs of rock that weigh tons, and hike along very narrow paths at the top, or clinging to, the sides of sheer rock cliffs above Lake Superior. Not for the faint-hearted!

*The Voyageur Trail Association has no jurisdiction over maintenance of this trail.

Huron Shores

56 kilometres of spectacular Northern Ontario landscape which runs between Hwy. 638 (north of Bruce Mines) and Iron Bridge. The trail runs parallel to the Trans Canada Highway (north of it) and passes by many inland lakes, picturesque beaver ponds, forest overlooks and the Mississaugi River. Main supply points occur in Iron Bridge, and some distance north and/or south of the trail at Hwy. 638 and 129.

Harmony Beach

Contact: 705-942-1891 or Carole 705-649-2235

This 8.2-kilometre section runs parallel to the Trans Canada Highway to the north/east of it. If you come out via the side trail at Harmony Beach, we suggest you cross the highway and enjoy a swim in some of the nicest public beaches you will find in the area. There are wonderful lookouts overlooking Harmony Beach and Havilland Bay. Parts of this section utilize cross-country ski trails maintained by Stokely Creek Lodge.