Voyageur Hiking Trail Guidebook Northern Ontario

Want to buy the VTA Trail Guide from a local store? Find a store along the trail (and some other places in Ontario).

VTA Trail Guide


This guidebook is out of stock.
A trail app (Ondago), set for release in mid- to late-2021, will represent most trails that appear in the guidebook.

With 42 Full-Colour 1:50,000 Maps and written trail descriptions for over 600 km of trails from Nipigon to Spanish (not continuous), contained in 6-ring binder.


  • an overview map of the entire trail system;
  • table of contents;
  • a map legend;
  • details on how to make the most of your Voyageur Trail experience;
  • and index tabs.

The guidebook measures approx. 7.5″x5″; maps are bi-folded and are 11″ long when unfolded. The guidebook is designed so that individual map pages can be removed from the binder and carried in a Ziploc-type bag on an outing. Datum: NAD 83. Trail updates are provided on the website.

You can also buy the Trail Guide at a number of stores, both along the trail and in some other places throughout Ontario.

Out of stock