Voyageur Hiking Trail Guidebook Northern Ontario

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Trail Guidebook - members


This guidebook is now out of print.
A trail app (Ondago), set for release in mid- to late-2021, will represent most trails that appear in the guidebook.

Contains 42 Full-Colour 1:50,000 Maps and written trail descriptions for over 600 km of trails from Nipigon to Spanish (not continuous), in 6-ring binder.


  • an overview map of the entire trail system;
  • table of contents;
  • a map legend; and
  • details on how to make the most of your Voyageur Trail experience.

The guidebook measures approx. 7.5″x5″; maps are bi-folded and are 11″ long when unfolded. The guidebook is designed so that individual map pages can be removed from the binder and carried in a Ziploc-type bag on an outing. Datum: NAD 83. Trail updates are provided on the website.

All trail users are strongly encouraged to become a member to support our trails. Members of the VTA may choose to pick the book up themselves to save shipping costs. Contact to enquire.

For non-members, the Trail Guide is sold at a number of stores, both along the trail and in some other places throughout Ontario. Note that many stores have sold out of the book and are not being restocked owing to limited supply.

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