Membership – 1 Year Subscription (Not Renewing)

Note: This membership option is exclusively for paying by Gift Cards, Cheque or eTransfer. For a renewing annual membership, please click here. 

Regular price is $35 for a one-year membership subscription – this non-renewing membership is not available at a pro-rated cost. If purchasing more than one membership, please complete separate orders for each. With a subscription you’ll never forget to renew!! For a renewing annual membership, please click here. 

Members get instant free access to map products covering 500 km of trail – Ondago app, Ondago Web interactive map, printable PDF versions of selected maps, and GPX files with GPS trail tracks. Members also receive purchase discounts at sponsoring retailers.

Your fees support trail development and maintenance, trail maps, and required insurance. As a 100% volunteer-run association, all of your fees and donations go directly towards supporting the Voyageur Trail network.