Harmony Beach

Contact: 705-942-1891 or Carole 705-649-2235

This 8.2-kilometre section runs parallel to the Trans Canada Highway to the north/east of it. If you come out via the side trail at Harmony Beach, we suggest you cross the highway and enjoy a swim in some of the nicest public beaches you will find in the area. There are wonderful lookouts overlooking Harmony Beach and Havilland Bay. Parts of this section utilize cross-country ski trails maintained by Stokely Creek Lodge.


Contact: Carole 705-649-2235

The 16.8 km Goulais Section runs for from Hwy. 552 E, heading south and west to cross Hwy. 17 and ending on Old Goulais Bay Rd. where it meets the Saulteaux Section. This Trail follows a number of old roads and includes a 4 km loop trail near the north end. The Section is presently not connected to the Stokely trail on Robertson Lake Rd., but efforts are underway to complete this link.

Echo Ridges

Presently, the Sault Ste. Marie Voyageur Trail members keep this 59.2 kilometre section hikeable.